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Values and Goals

CASC faculty and staff are dedicated to these Values:

1. Student Centricity– a supportive learning-centered community created to meet diverse student needs in the achievement of academic and personal goals for lifelong learning opportunities

2. Educational Quality – exceptional programs and services striving for continuous improvement for student success

3. Integrity – honesty, courtesy, responsibility, and ethical conduct within the college community and with other constituencies

4. Accessibility– a broad range of academic programs, general education, and student services to meet student needs in an efficient, effective, and economical manner

5. Community Collaboration – cooperative partnerships with other educational institutions, agencies, and organizations to better the global community

6. Leadership – engagement and civic responsibility at local, national and global levels

CASC faculty and staff pursue these Goals:

1. Preparation of students for success in further educational endeavors, careers, and a life of service and leadership;

2. High academic standards and rigor;

3. Evaluative processes of educational experiences to provide data-driven assessments and outcomes;

4. Instilling student perseverance, independent learning, and critical thinking skills throughout college and life;

5. Providing a safe and conducive environment for learning;

6. Contemporary and effective use of technology;

7. Promoting local opportunities for student and community success;

8. Encouraging a global perspective and lifelong learning.