Criteria Teams

Criterion 1 Members:

1.         Leah McLaughlin, Co-chair
            Vice President of Student Affairs


2.         Kendal Repass, Co-chair
            Director of Sports Medicine and Instructor


3.         Rob Wylie, Math and Science Instructor

4.         Mandy Roberts, Director of Student Life

5.         Marc Willis, English Instructor

6.         Dr. Kathy Harrell, Vice President, Sallisaw Campus

7.         Jennifer Humphreys, Enrollment Manager

8.         Chuck Lewis, Director of Construction

9.         Bobette Guillory, Art Instructor

10.       Bob Hendricks, Division Chair, Social and Behavioral Sciences; Instructor; Campus Police Coordinator; Safety Coordinator

11.       Norma Hall, Spanish Instructor

12.       Student


Criterion 2 Members:

1.         Marcus Blair- Chair
            English and Film Studies Instructor


2.         Vicki Hill, Director of Human Rexources Office and Affirmative Action Officer

3.         Jean Ann Barlow, Executive Assistant to the President

4.         Midge Blue. Coordinator of Radiologic Technology Program Clinicals

5.         Leslie Bain, Math and Science Instructor

6.         Hali Repass, Business and Technology Instructor   

7.         Jaime Henson, Upward Bound Coordinator, Sallisaw Campus

8.         Beverly Afzali. Scoemce Instructor

9.         Jeri Hobday, Physical Therapist Assistant Program Instructor

10.       Cherish Harris, Title III Activities Director

11.       Student


Criterion 3 Members:

1.         Dr. Mike Riley, Co-chair

            Political Science and History Instructor


2.         Dr. Linda Pearson, Co-chair

            Division Chair, Health Sciences;  Director, Radiologic Technology Program


3.         Bill Carroll, Director, Physical Therapist Assistant Program

4.         Nathan Billy, Division Chair, Communication and Fine Arts; English and Humanities Instructor

5.         Crystal Robertson, Humanities Instructor, Sallisaw Campus

6.         Paula Reif, Speech and English Instructor

7.         Kelly St. John, Coordinator, Education Opportunity Center

8.         Dee Ann Dickerson, Registrar and Veterans Administration Coordinator

9.         Dee Steele, Health Sciences Administrative Assistant

10.       Linda Bradbury, Director, Office of Continuing Education; Coordinator, Road Scholar (Elderhostel) and Seniors Only

11.       Jack Armstrong, Business and Technology Instructor

12.       Student


Criterion 4 Members:

1.         Bill Gann- Chair

            Division Chair, Business and Technology; Instructor


2.         Steve Hughes, Physics and Chemistry Instructor

3.         Terri Carroll, Director of Libraries

4.         Sherry Scott-Smith, Student Support Services Advisor

5.         Natalie Maxwell. Science Instructor, Sallisaw Campus

6.         Belinda Westfall, English, Business and Technology Instructor

7.         Michael Fulks, Information Technology Support Specialist

8.         Dr. James Yates, Vice President for Academic Affairs

9.         Jackie Wallace, Nursing Instructor

10.       Kerrie Blair, Counselor and ADA coordinator

11.       Student


Criterion 5 Members:

1.         Ramona Buckner- Chair
            Vice President of Business Operations

2.         Brooke Wiersig, Science Instructor

3.         Tommy Smith, Computer Science Instructor

4.         David Holt, Head Softball Coach; HPER and Political Science Instructor

5.         Michael Martin, Direcctor of Telecommunications and Information Services

6.         Terri Cox, Student Support Services Guidance Specialist, Sallisaw Campus

7.         Jay Falkner; Assistant to the President

8.         Kathy Quirk, Director of External Development

9.         Heather Baldwin, Financial Aid Specialist

10.       Deborah Herr, Grant Writer

11.       Student